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Our Shop & Cobbler 

                                                           Our Shop

     Our Shop is located at 412 W. Northern in the historic town of Pueblo, Colorado.  The business was started by a master cobbler Gus Veges, an immigrant from Hungary.  Gus came to Pueblo in 1915 and worked for several years for the CF&I, a a coal and steal corporation. This enabled him to earn enough money to pursue his dream of opening a Shoe Repair Shop of his own.  In the year 1919 his dream was realized when he bought the building at 412 W. Northern and opened Veges Shoe Repair. As the years went by his son William Veges Sr. was trained in the Shoe Repair business beginning at the early age of 9 years old.  Upon his discharge from the Navy following WWII, he returned to the business eventually taking over the business after Gus retired.


                                                   Our Master Cobbler

     William Veges Sr, built a thriving Shoe Repair business and began to train his youngest son William Veges Jr. in the art of Shoe Repair at 12 years old.  William studied and worked hard to  become a Master Cobbler upon his graduation from High School. The expertise handed down from his father has served him well. William Veges Jr., has followed in his fathers footsteps enabling the business to celebrate 100 years of service to the community in 2019.  Our service, our expertise, being professionally education by Masters in the Shoe Repair industry has enabled Veges Shoe Repair to be the only Shoe Repair business  still remaining from among the 6 original repair business in Pueblo in 1919.  We have maintained a dedication to customer service, service while you wait, with quality above and beyond others in the industry.  

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